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These podcasts are mainly but not exclusively fictional in nature.
Many of them are horror oriented and/or LGBT+.
I recommend researching before listening if you are not a horror fan.

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Completed In Progress
The AM Archives Resilient Web Design
Control Alt Destroy Nocturne
Elixir Camp
                  Here & There
Chester is Rising The
                  Earth Collective
The Last Movie People's Party with
                  Talib Kweli
The Behemoth
                      2 Welcome to Night
The Behemoth The Strange Case of Starship Iris
ars Paradoxica Unwell
Life After and
                  The Message Command
                  Line Heroes
DreamBoy Material
Internet History Podcast
The Bright
                  Sessions The College
Wolf 359 Within the
TANIS The Energy Gang
The Orbiting Human
                  Circus Podcast cover for Within
                  the Wires, a geometric damselfly logo with green
Alice Isn't Dead Artists and Hackers
EOS 10 Principia Prepostera
                  Richard Simmons
The Glass Appeal
Headlong: Suriving Y2k
The Flame
Archive 81
The Black Tapes