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These podcasts are mainly but not exclusively fictional in nature.
Many of them are horror oriented and/or LGBT+.
I recommend researching before listening if you are not a horror fan.

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Completed In Progress
The Last Movie People's Party with
                  Talib Kweli
A podcast
                      cover for the behemoth 2, where a young girl
                      wearing glasses and a shirt that says
                      "save max" leaning over a
                      railing in a green dither Podcast cover for
                  welcome to night vale, a cresent moon in an eye in the
                  sky set in the desert with a water tower
Podcast cover for
                  The Orbiting Human Circus, a person hanging from the
                  top of the eiffel tower The Strange Case of Starship Iris
Podcast cover for Ars Paradoxica, a white circle
                  with circles moving away from the center like a
                  signal Podcast cover for
                  Unwell, a lone house and a tree with no leaves in a
                  remote area with a green dither
Podcast cover
                  life after and the message logos over galaxy-ish
                  backgrounds with a green dither Podcast
                  cover for command line heroes, a right angle bracket
                  and an underscore above the text command line heroes.
podcast cover for dream boy, a body sways into
                  the starry depths in a green dither The podcast
                  cover for material memory, which shows a handprint in
                  the sand
Podcast cover for Limetown, a boarded window with
                  a green dither
Control Alt Destroy
Podcast cover
                  for The Bright Sessions, a light bulb in a black
                  circle on a white background with a green dither The AM archives podcast cover which shows blacked
                  out text which leaves the words "subject is"
                  "hostile" uncovered.
Podcast cover for
                  Wolf359, an old radio drifting in space by a star with
                  green dither The
                  Earth Collective Podcast Cover, each letter in the
                  title has objects in it like a knife, axe, or wrench
Podcast cover for Within the Wires, a geometric
                damselfly logo with green dither Penumbra Podcast Cover
Podcast cover for
                  The Orbiting Human Circus, a person hanging from the
                  top of the eiffel tower Nocturne Podcast Cover
Podcast cover for
                  Alice Isn't Dead, a truck reflected on the road as it
                  is centered on a sunset with a green dither Penumbra Podcast Cover
Podcast cover for EOS 10 The College
                  Cover for Missing Richard Simmons Camp
                  Here & There
The Glass Appeal Chester is Rising
Headlong surviving y2k cover Internet History Podcast
Podcast cover for
                  Kaleidotrope Resilient Web Design
The Flame
Podcast cover for
                  Archive 81, a cassette tape with the reel pulled and
Podcast cover
                  for the black tapes, subtitled do you believe, with a
                  silhouette of a long haired figure wearing a trench
                  coat walking in the dim woods.
Podcast cover for TANIS, on a black background,
                  the letters cut out to show a flowery image